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Skydevåben kommer i mange udformninger og variationer

Kalibre skade PV
.22 / 5mm 1d6 3
6mm 1d6+1 4
.38 2d6 5
9mm 2d6+1 6
10mm 2d6+3 8
.44 4d6 10

12ga 4d6 4

typisk pistol 50m
typisk riffel 500m
typisk shotgun 50m

skade rækkevidde antal skud i våbnet penetrerings værdien
Derringer: A single shot, palm-sized pistol. These were favorite weapons for both ladies and assassins.
1d6KP 50m 2 skud PV 2
Pepper-Box: A multiple-barrel revolver. Some Pepper-Box rifles existed also.
Colt Peacemaker: A six-shot revolver that became the mainstay pistol. Considered modern for the time.
2d6+2KP 50m 6 skud PV7

Rifles and Shotguns
Blunderbuss: A muzzle-loading ancestor to the shotgun, these weapons are in wide use during this time.
2d6+3 25m 1 skud PV 1
Spencer Repeating Rifle: Considered new for the time period, it is the first to use rounds rather than shot.
4d6KP 500m 7 skud PV 10
Volley Gun: A multi-shot weapon, these could take many forms, like the Pepper-Box and the Nock Gun.
Coach Gun/Double-Barreled Shotgun: A close relative to modern shotguns, they are two-shot, break action weapons. Considered modern for the period.
4d6KP 50m 2 skud PV4

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