Powers that be

I London

Witch hunters er en organaision under The Guild som i samarbejde med politiet jager magikere der træder uden for lovens rammer. Sonnia Criid er den mest kendte Witch hunter og hun leder et elite hold i Malifaux

Politiet/Bobbys den almindelige gade betjent, bevæbnet med knebler og hvis det står galt til så assisteret af en Peacekeepers

The Sugarman Gang – a burglary ring which operated between Leeds and London, England during the early 1900s until its breakup by Scotland Yard in 1910. Stolen goods and property would be passed from jewelry auctioneer William Mallinson to Samuel Sugarman, the proprietor of a remnant business. A known fence in the local underworld, Sugarman was known to sell stolen goods including jewelry, watches, drapes, clothing and clocks.

The Hatters En gruppe tyveknægte og voldsmænd som identifisere sig ved at gå med en gentelmands højehat.

The Green Gate Gang

I Malifaux

The Guild is the law in Malifaux. They exert a fascist control over the city and are more concerned with the production of soulstone, a substance which allows for wielders to perform supernatural feats, than they are with the safety of its inhabitants. The Guild offers a mix of ranged and melee combat and aesthetically possesses a number of Wild West motifs.

The Resurrectionist are necromancers who command forces of the undead. Where the other factions are concerned with collecting soulstones, the Resurrectionists loot the ruins of Malifaux for magical devices and tomes of knowledge. They are very resilient characters in play, with the ability to absorb a lot of damage and to raise dead models as additional combatants.

The Arcanist are individuals who practice magic. The Miners and Steamfitters Union is run by one of Malifaux’ prominent Arcanists, Ramos. The M & SU is an organization that represents the labor class in the city. The Arcanists are actually made up from different groups that range from the Order of the Chimera to the show girls of Collette. Their primary strength is in the wide variety of spells they can cast and boast a number of mechanical and elemental constructs and beast minions.

The Neverborn are the native inhabitants of the world of Malifaux. They are nightmarish monsters that terrorize the human settlers in Malifaux. Their existence is linked with a calamity that occurred in the world’s ancient past. They are known for their speed and abilities that confound their enemies. They possess few ranged attacks but are very deadly in melee combat.

The Outcasts are a group of smaller interests unassociated with the major factions in Malifaux. A number of Outcasts are also mercenaries that may be hired by the other factions for use in their crews.

Ten Thunders is a shadowy faction, their masters associated with the other factions as well as their own. Inspired by the Triads and Yakuza, the faction springs from the Three Kingdoms earthside (an unified Japan, China and Vietnam) and is currently led by the Katanaka clan. Their means of transport is through a lesser breach within the Three Kingdoms unknown by the Guild.

The Gremlins Natives to the lands around Malifaux, the Gremlins are a wild and rambunctious group. Their playstyle is characterized by often random acts that can at times injure their own fellows as easily as their enemies. They lean towards a ranged focus although this might change with new minis being released in the future.

Powers that be

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